DevOps Engineer


Cambridge, MA

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Cogo Labs is looking for experienced DevOps Engineers to join our Platform team. You will be part of a scurry of engineers within the incubator tasked with developing, enhancing, and scaling our live operations.

We like people who are fluent in at least one scripting language (we use Python & Golang) and enjoy using code to automate processes and remove inefficiencies. We're more interested in intelligence, resourcefulness, and strong CS fundamentals than any particular skill-set. If you have experience with enterprise email systems or ad servers, that's great, but definitely not a pre-requisite. 

Above All: 
We're seeking people who are excited about new challenges, enthusiastic about building better ways to confront those challenges, and interested in sharing those tools and processes with others.
As a DevOps Engineer you will:
  • Collaborate with analysts, engineers, and external affiliates to help them understand low level technical details that might be impacting their marketing campaigns; 
  • Manage infrastructure configuration and build monitoring tools to make sure that our systems are performing as expected;
  • Build automation and testing tools, and use your technical expertise and understanding of our business to introduce improvements as we continually enhance our systems;
  • Perform routine setup and maintenance work to help get our incubating companies off the ground;
  • Be on call one week a month to troubleshoot and fix our production systems should there be an outage.
Our tech:
  • We use an ever-evolving combination of JavaScript (Node, React) and Python (Django, Express), in addition to all the usual bits and pieces that are used by web apps (Postgres, Mongo, Redis, RabbitMQ, Nginx, etc.). Have a favorite tool we're not using? We're open to suggestions. 
The kind of people who succeed here:
  • Possess strong Computer Science fundamentals. We need developers who not only understand how their tools work, but are passionate about continually improving them.
  • Love business and entrepreneurship. We love meeting people who have, at one point or another, started something, been involved in the early stages of something, or really, really want to start something.
  • Are sociable, outgoing, and fun. Every company has a culture; ours happens to be a little more relaxed than most.
  • Have diverse backgrounds and interests. Among other things we're musicians, writers, illustrators, economists, and journalists. We’ve found that our teams thrive when they’re comprised of individuals who are not just very good at what they do here, but passionate about the things they do outside of work.
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