Senior Software Engineer

Cogo Labs

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

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A big part of building successful companies is reaching the right audience. At Cogo Labs we build reliable, scalable, and customizable tool chains that allow our businesses to find and attract users who will become loyal customers. We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer on our Platform Team to take ownership of key initiatives and systems that support our incubating teams and companies in their high growth efforts. You'll work with engineers, analysts, and exec staff to flesh out requirements, scope projects, and lead implementation and rollout. Ownership and accountability are core to how we build successful teams and as a Senior Software Engineer you will enjoy a high degree of autonomy as we continue building some of Boston's fastest growing startups.

How we work:

Our core systems are written in Go, containerized using Docker, and managed using Kubernetes; we are obsessive about using Git to track not only our code, but also manage projects, prioritize user requests, and keep our work transparent across the company, all the way down to planning speakers for our various monthly meetings. We run our own state of the art compute and storage systems, managed by our Sysops team, and meshed with cloud services for maximum efficiency and flexibility. We favor Kafka for queuing solutions, high availability MySQL and ElasticSearch clusters for database needs, and Airflow for job and data pipeline orchestration. On the cloud side we make extensive use of DynamoDB, Redshift, S3, Presto, and EMR services.

We are big believers in sharing knowledge & expertise internally, with code reviews as standard practice and monthly engineering-focused meetings where we share learnings and best practices. Tech conferences such as DockerCon and GopherCon help us make sure we’re leveraging the best the community has to offer, and our engineering teams love sharing and applying new developments that can accelerate growth.

On your first day you should expect to:

  • Be up and running on GitHub, TravisCI, Codecov, Sentry, and Docker
  • Start looking at others code and providing guidance
  • Learn about the business to help make better decisions

After that you should expect to:

  • Build new systems to scale and enhance Cogo's email, display, and Facebook marketing capacities
  • Maintain and improve existing libraries, APIs, and services that analyst teams and incubating companies depend on daily to grow their businesses
  • Help your customer base make effective use of the tools and services you build and support
  • Be a leader in fostering and implementing sustainable coding practices such as TDD, code reviews, and feature-flagged live launch techniques

Things that would help you succeed in this role:

  • 3+ years of professional programming experience
  • BA/BS in Computer Science required
  • Fluency with at least two of the following languages: Go, Python, Java or C
  • Expertise with at least one relational database
  • Solid Linux systems administration skills
  • Proven ability to build highly scalable systems
  • Strong communication skills and a willingness to help others debug their code
  • Good situational awareness and a sense for how to prioritize coding projects based on overall business goals
  • Ability to thrive in an agile, team-oriented environment

About Cogo Labs:

  • We’re a venture accelerator - we employ data-driven, analytical methodologies to build profitable large-scale consumer internet businesses
  • Our work is challenging and dynamic; our environment is fun and supportive
  • Our company is profitable and established - “startup culture” without “startup anxiety”
  • We offer competitive salaries and benefits, along with substantive participation in the success of the companies we incubate
  • The Cogo team is an interesting and diverse group with passions and hobbies outside of work - we are musicians, athletes, filmmakers, gamers, authors, beer brewers, and whatever you are!
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