Software Engineer (Minerva)


Cambridge, MA

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Minerva Analytics is the latest team to be formed inside Cogo’s proven incubator model.  As Minerva's Software Engineer, your raw energy and hunger to hone your engineering chops building consumer web applications will become the foundation of your success here.

About the job:
This is a developer position on the Minerva Analytics product team. You’ll be working on internal tools and consumer-facing websites, using a variety of different technologies. Solid Javascript chops will serve you well, as will being comfortable designing APIs, building complex single-page apps, and rapidly prototyping sites.
The successful candidate will:
  • Think about testing strategy and maintainability throughout the design and implementation phases;
  • Consider performance at all stages of development when creating applications;
  • Be comfortable learning how to work with a front-end framework such as React, Angular, Ember, etc.
  • Have Googled "Front-End Developer Questions;”
  • Have a basic understanding of SQL and good security practices;
  • Be comfortable working with Python.
Bonus points for:
  • Experience building server-side applications (in any language, but preferably using Django);
  • Experience designing and implementing JSON APIs;
  • Experience working with Docker based applications;
  • Expert-level skill with something unrelated to computers (Legos, an instrument, carpentry, precision ax-throwing, anything).
What to expect on the Minerva Analytics team:
  • Independence and autonomy: You worked hard to learn what you know; we’re not about to stand over your shoulder and watch you work.
  • Flexibility and novelty: Your role will define itself over time, as you learn which problems you’re uniquely capable of solving.
  • Unmatched opportunity: We believe in letting people grow as quickly as they can. Today’s new-grad hires are tomorrow’s leaders.
  • A fun, supportive culture: Happy employees are the most successful. We take care of our own, and not just because its good business.
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