Summer internships, much like a new class, school, or part-time job, can inevitably be challenging to navigate. At Cogo we strive to give our interns a valuable learning experience, unlike any other role they've had in the past. While basking in some much-needed sunlight, I interviewed our Web Team interns, Ian Anderson, Pranita Lokinendi, and Kristen Moran, to get a better understanding of how their internship at Cogo has exceeded their initial expectations so far.

Expectation: Strict dress code

Reality: "Comfortable but appropriate," describes Software Engineering intern, Kristen Moran. In our office we want everyone to wear whatever enables them to be the most productive and confident while at work. Web Design intern, Pranita Lokinendi, describes the dress code as "people wearing clothes that reflect their personality and express themselves through their clothing. This [laid back attire] makes work seem more like part of your life than a place you go to just to get paid. I don't have to go to work and act like someone and then go home and be myself."

Web Team Interns; Ian Anderson, Kristen Moran, and Pranita Lokinendi

Expectation: The CEO would be someone that I would never talk to

Reality: An absence of bureaucracy in our office makes anyone in the organization easily accessible and approachable. When asked about our CEO, Mira Wilczek, Kristen Moran explained that "She has office hours and makes time to meet people for coffee. Everyone encourages me to talk to her and people can and do talk to her during these office hours which is really nice."

Expectation: People at different levels of the organization aren't approachable.

Reality: Everyone here is extremely approachable! "Matt Carlone (Manager, Web Team), doesn't feel like a level above me or someone that I should be nervous about being around. He will message me periodically and ask 'how are things.' I also feel as though I can approach people who aren't necessarily on my team," says Kristen. Software Engineering intern, Ian Anderson, comments that "[everyone here] always cares and asks if we're getting out of the internship what we want rather than just what the company wants."

Expectation: To be a bit removed from the company culture.

Reality: "The average age is so young that it makes the people here relatable and understanding. We can all bond and talk about similar interests," says Pranita. Being actively involved in the Cogo community is attainable regardless of your tenure or which team you're on. Kristen noticed this welcoming company culture through "asking people for local bar and restaurant suggestions, which isn’t something people at my past jobs could’ve told me."

Web Team interns enjoying our unconventional furniture in the office

Expectation: Few activities or opportunities to connect with other interns

Reality: Here at Cogo, we have Intern Mentors to ensure that our interns are happy throughout the Summer and feel confident asking questions, trying new things, and taking on new projects. Each year we hire a cohort of interns which helps students create a strong sense of community and a defined environment for their experience. Pranita specified that the "intern events and other opportunities to bond with coworkers" are what make this internship so special.

If you're looking to make your dreams of working at Cogo a reality, click the link below to apply for one of our open roles! We're excited to meet you and exceed all of your expectations.

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