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At Cogo, we go beyond offering AWS credits. Our comprehensive support network encompasses everything you need: fully equipped office spaces, data, and expert guidance in finance, talent acquisition, HR, analytics, and more. With the Cogo playbook, we emphasize the significance of establishing structured foundations, empowering teams to focus on scaling and leaders to prioritize their teams' success.

Our Studio hosts regular community events with top professionals, which means our companies have exclusive access to networking opportunities, industry insights, and expert guidance.

The Cogo Labs Ecosystem is also here to help our incubating companies unleash their potential, offering counsel about everything from pitch presentation tips to how to improve your golf swing. Launched companies remain part of the Cogo family; some even stay with us, physically or around Kendall Square.
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    We leverage our proprietary data and analytical expertise to identify market opportunities from consumer trends.
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    We generate the plan to bring the idea to life through the efforts of our in-house engineering, analytics and operational teams. 
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    We grow these companies to profitability, launch them into the world, and start the process again. And again. And again.
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